Transsexuals are mentally ill.

Prove me wrong.

Physically there is no difference between the male and female human brain. No, really. Also chromosomes. Don't forget dem chromosomes. Sex chromosomes generally come in two flavors, XX and XY. Those sex chromosomes are found in literally every single cell in your body. No matter how many surgeries you get, no matter how many hormones you take, you will still be whatever sex you were born as, right down to the cellular level. The day science can excise those chromosomes is the day a transsexual can become whatever the fuck they want. I.E. Never.

That being said, I don't hate transsexuals. I think that they are delusional individuals, with body dysmorphia. When a teenage girl suffers from an eating disorder, we don't pile on the surgeries to help her look like the Tim Burton cartoon character she desires to be...we get her help in the form of therapy. You know what I think? It's a money grab. The money is in the ongoing treatment, the surgeries, the lifelong hormone supplements, rather than the know, goddamn therapy.
How do you know you're supposed to be female if you have never been female in your life, ever? The logical answer is that you don't know, because you aren't female. Or a dragon, or a jar of mayonnaise or whatever the fuck you sexually identify as.

People love to feel special, because then they can be discriminated against, they can feel hurt, triggered, and then they get sympathy and attention. I wonder if people ever sexually identify as attention whores. It'd be more apt. That's right folks, there are innies and outies and whatever you were born as, well that's what the fuck you are. Get over it. You are not special. You're just delusional.

So how do you fix it? You get off Tumblr, stop buying into this bullshit and love yourself the way you are, because no one else is sure as shit ever going to love you.


Sidenote: I am not a feminist, I just enjoy calling people on their bullshit.

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